Company Vision

Our vision is to be the predominant developer of enterprise reserves and portfolio optimization software for the global oil and gas industry.


We will distinguish ourselves through: the development of best in class software; provision of superior customer service; and focus on markets where we have a strong understanding of our clients’ business and needs.


A brief timeline of aclaro’s history

1999: The concept of aclaro is born and aclaro is named (through the combined use of a Latin-English dictionary and the Internet Domain Registry)


2000: aclaro is incorporated, first demo of the pre-cursor to the petroLook application, first sale of the pre-cursor to the petroLook application, foundation application renamed ‘petroLook’


2001: First international sale of petroLook


2002: First release of the Reserves module, incorporation of aclaro Softworks (USA), Inc. and creation of US office


2003: First release of the Budget module (pre-cursor to the Forecast module)


2005: Release of petroLook 4


2006: Creation of aclaro Softworks (UK) limited, release of the Forecast module


2011: Release of the Portfolio Advisor Module


2013: Release of the completely re-architected petroLook 5 suite


Where we work

aclaro’s software is used by our clients for Reserves, Portfolio Optimization, Budgeting, and Planning for their assets around the world. PetroLook is used to model the oil and gas reserves, production, and/or costs for the states and or countries (or the offshore areas of these jurisdictions) shown on the map below. In most cases, there are petroLook users located in each of these locations.


Where we work