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The petroLook Reserves module provides the reserves management, reconciliation, approval and reporting for the petroLook solution.


petroLook’s Reserves module allows you to compile your reserves data from multiple data sources, enter data directly, roll-up and calculate company reserves, reconcile differences, book changes, and generate internal and external reports. As a component of petroLook, the Reserves module makes full use of the application’s underlying architecture. This includes web-based navigation, versioning, a full security model, and comprehensive reporting and charting.


petroLook Reserves allows you to:

  • Compile your reserves, production, and interest data from multiple data sources – or enter that data directly
  • Create a single source for reserves information – stored at the appropriate level of detail
  • Roll-up and calculate company reserves
  • Reconcile differences
  • Book changes
  • Manage a reserves approval process
  • Generate internal and external reports (including regulatory reports)

The petroLook Reserves system has the flexibility to support a company’s internal and external reporting needs, with the structure and security required to meet control and audit requirements.


To learn more about using petroLook Reserves for your reserves management needs, download this PDF:

petroLook Reserves


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