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aclaro’s powerful Oil and Gas planning software, petroLook, provides a gateway to your data. Use the simple interface to browse data from any system in your company. Analyze that data using petroLook’s comprehensive reporting and charting functionality, including extensive ad hoc reporting and charting functionality. Compare data between systems, or track changes to your data over time. Share the data and analysis with others in your company, or move the data from one system to another.


petroLook can gather data from different source systems such as:

  • Project Economics programs
  • Field/Production Date
  • Accounting/ERP
  • Technical Apps
  • Corporate Data
  • Spreadsheets

As long as a data source has a relational data structure, a structured data export and/or a programming interface, petroLook will be able to work with that data, which it can either load into its own structure, or view ‘live’ from the data system.


Trusted by companies as their Oil and Gas planning software of choice, petroLook is generally implemented as part of the production, operations, budgeting, planning, or corporate reserves process. Because of this it is usually linked to economics, field date capture, accounting, corporate data stores and Excel spreadsheets. Sometimes petroLook is linked to technical, land, or other source systems as well – really, the only limit is your imagination.


To learn more about using petroLook for your Oil & Gas Planning needs, download this PDF:


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